GLI can create and facilitate a unique conference tailored to the needs of your company.

With over eighteen years of training and facilitation experience, Anthony Silard, leadership guru and author of The Connection, has created and implemented workshops to cover every aspect of executive work/life. He has worked with new/small businesses looking for “nuts and bolts” training such as increasing clientele, improving staff performance and strategic planning. He has worked with large established corporations (such as Disney, IBM, and Nokia) on deeper issues such as work-life balance, effective communication for managers and leadership style. And he has worked with just about all stages and sizes in between…

Let Anthony and/or GLI’s additional trainers/Best Practices Leaders help you to grow your business whatever stage it is in. Schedule a conference with The Global Leadership Institute.

There are a few options:


Our team here at The Global Leadership Institute will work with you to pick and choose from over thirty workshops to tailor a conference that meets the specific needs of your business, your profession, your location and/or your current circumstances.

  • Pick the conference length
  • Choose the leadership workshops you want
  • Tell us where, when and how many participants
  • Together we create a conference specifically designed to fit your company


Choose a general theme (e.g. “Sustaining and Growing a Business in Tough Economic Times”) and we can put it all together for you.

  • Pick the conference length and general theme
  • We propose (and you choose) the leadership workshops that are aligned with that theme
  • Tell us where, when and how many participants
  • We bring you a conference specifically designed to fit your company

Our most popular conferences are two-day events or week-long events. You can choose what is right for your business:

•    1/2 Day
•    Full Day
•    Two Day
•    One Week

Contact GLI to discuss the conference option best for your company.


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