Social Media and Website Development

Do you want to build the social media and/or web presence of you personally and/or your business?

Tried everything but still having trouble expanding your Followers on Twitter and Facebook?

As a Simon & Schuster author and leadership coach for Fortune 100 companies such as Disney, IBM, and Nokia, Anthony Silard, President of The Global Leadership Institute, has worked with various PR and Social Media firms. Anthony has trained GLI’s Social Media team in how to help our clients build their following, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Through this unique collaboration, Anthony continually provides training to GLI’s Social Media team, which in turn provides cutting-edge Social Media and Website Development solutions to GLI’s clients.

GLI’s Social Media team helps our clients in the following areas:


GLI’s Social Media team has designed and launched these three internal Twitter handles, which collectively have over 28,000 followers:

  • @AnthonySilard (Twitter handle for Anthony Silard the author)
  • @LeadGlobalOrg (Twitter handle for The Global Leadership Institute, of which Anthony is President)
  • @LeaderNonprofit (Twitter handle for The Center for Social Leadership, of which Anthony is also President).

GLI’s Social Media team can help you and/or your business to design similarly exciting Twitter handles and experience similar Twitter growth.


GLI’s Social Media team has designed three internal Facebook Pages:

These Facebook Pages have just been launched and certain design features are still being integrated. GLI’s Social Media team can help you and/or your business to design similarly dynamic Facebook Pages that reflect who you are and what you want to promote.

Personal Blog

Anthony Silard’s Blog, accessed at, includes the featured Smile, It’s Monday – a quote and personal challenge for the week that Anthony Silard writes and posts each Monday. Readers can sign up for Smile, It’s Monday at .

All 6 Twitter and Facebook accounts direct followers to the blog via Smile, It’s Monday.

GLI’s Social Media team can help you and/or your business to develop a Blog that consistently showcases new content and drives customers to your products and/or services.

Social Media Cross-Fertilization

All of Anthony Silard’s blog posts are also sent to all 6 Twitter handles and Facebook Pages, and a LinkedIn group. All Tweets also go to their corresponding Facebook Page.

GLI’s Social Media team can help you and/or your business to also automate and cross-fertilize your Social Media to save your valuable time and maximize your exposure.

Websites, Free Promotions and Mailing Lists

GLI’s Social Media team – which developed The Global Leadership Institute’s website and The Center for Social Leadership’s website – can also help you and/or your business to develop a cutting-edge website that drives your business.

In addition, we can help you figure out how to offer free promotions – such as Anthony Silard’s free CD, “The Surprising Source of Your Passion” (click on top right of website) – to build your mailing lists. We can also help you find the right email marketing software (such as MailChimp or ConstantContact) to develop an email relationship with your clients.

Contact GLI for a free consultation on how we can assist your company.


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