About GLI

Welcome to The Global Leadership Institute (GLI), a leadership training institute based in Washington D.C. GLI provides leadership training to Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Bank of America, GE and Disney; small- and medium-sized businesses; aspiring entrepreneurs; and individuals who want to develop their personal leadership styles.

(If you work for a nonprofit organization, please visit our sister organization, The Center for Social Leadership.)

What can the Global Leadership Institute offer you?

There are three ways that GLI can help you become a more effective leader and/or your team to operate more effectively:

First, GLI can offer you personalized executive or life coaching:

Second, GLI can create and facilitate a unique conference tailored to the needs of your company. You and your team can choose from over 30 of GLI’s leadership workshops and/or customize your own for an on-site conference:

Third, we can offer you specific consulting services to enhance the productivity and success of your business.



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