Balancing Success and Happiness

Live the Life You Love and Love the Life You Live

If success is to live the life you love, happiness is to love the life you live. Many leaders are very skilled at being successful, but not very skilled at being happy. How can you balance the need for both success and happiness in your life? How can you learn how to get what you want and want what you get? To achieve what you value and value what you achieve?

In this workshop, GLI will first highlight the 6 P’s of Success – six qualities that will enable you to be successful in whatever you undertake. Then we will ask you to define happiness, and also provide some of our own definitions and inspiring anecdotes hailing from lifetime encounters with people from Kenya to Brazil to the Phillipines.

Finally, GLI will help you conceptualize how you can balance your search for both success and happiness in your life. The result: You will learn how to lead with an abundance rather than a scarcity mentality. Your employees and customers will sit across the table from you and want to be both like you and with you. This is the hallmark of true personal development and leadership.

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