Managing Change

Lead Your Company Successfully Through Change

What is going to happen next in our company? How are we going to respond to changes in the environment that affect our core businesses? How do we know if the ways in which we are changing are going to further us toward our corporate goals? What if we lose our focus or corporate culture by becoming opportunistic? What if we lose our profitability by not taking advantage of opportunities for growth? Whether you’re aware of it or not, these are the types of questions that your employees ask themselves every day. What is your role as a leader in managing your company through various phases of change?

In this cutting-edge workshop, you will learn how to preserve change amidst order and order amidst change. You will learn how to develop an entrepreneurial culture within your company that encourages risk-taking and innovation. You will learn one of the core competencies of leadership: the ability to continuously, genuinely and incisively question and improve your company’s strategies to deliver its core products and services.

GLI will share the most current change strategies with you so you can lead your company 365 days a year, not one day 365 times.

Contact GLI to learn how we can customize this and other Leadership Workshops for your company.


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