The Flexible Leader

How to Find the Right Balance Between Flexibility and Control

The buzzword ‘empowerment’ sounds appealing to most leaders and managers, as does the idea of enabling their employees to feel a sense of ownership in their work. Why? The opposite – micro-management – results in high turnover and frustration all around the office, including your own. Unfortunately, most of the good will around empowerment falls to the wayside once deadlines come into view and the pressure mounts. The strategies GLI will share with you in this workshop, if practiced correctly, will provide you with the key to your own cell, as you will be able to stop doing everything yourself. How? By finally rising to the leadership challenge of getting others to do the work you want them to by making it their own.

In this cutting-edge workshop, you will learn how to create an internal system in your company that puts some weight behind these high ideals. Included is an advance chapter from GLI President Anthony Silard’s upcoming leadership book Born or Made that contains three critical steps:

1) Hire the best
2) Agree on goals
3) Get out of the way

As you will discover, while this sounds good in theory, there is an additional step that, unless inserted, will not enable this model of employee empowerment to work. You will also learn about the relationship between flexibility and self-confidence, and have the opportunity to make some revealing discoveries about how this relationship plays out in both your personal and professional life.

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