What Gets Measured Gets Done: How to Create a Culture of Personal Accountability in Your Company

Build a Dedicated Team of People Who Take Responsibility for and Pride in Their Role in The Company and Their Everyday Tasks

There is a Zen saying: “Before enlightenment, wash the dishes. After enlightenment, wash the dishes.” When a leader integrates specific processes into the way they lead their company, the people they lead have something to hold onto that generates progress, day after day. Without progress (and, just as importantly, the perception of future progress) people lose their motivation – quickly.

Do you and your team come up with great ideas, almost all of which somehow never seem to happen? How can you create systems within your company that hold people accountable and facilitate key tasks actually getting done? You will be surprised when you view some of the systems others have developed that ensure tremendous results are achieved, day after day.

In this practical, hands-on workshop, you will learn how to design systems that are aligned with your mission and ensure that your team transforms its long-term vision into a concrete, deadline-driven reality.

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