Executive Testimonials on GLI:

The response from U.S. and international executives to GLI’s leadership conferences and workshops has been overwhelmingly positive:

  • 85% of the CEO’s and senior leaders said they would attend a second leadership conference the following year.
  • 97% said they would recommend GLI’s conference to other executives.
  • 99% said the GLI conference met or exceeded their expectations.
  • 99% said the GLI conference affected the way they will approach their work in the future.

Here’s what executives have to say about GLI’s leadership conferences and workshops facilitated by GLI’s President Anthony Silard:

Silard’s principles of personal and organizational leadership, when internalized, will unleash tremendous power and deep commitment toward powerful, compelling goals to which you and those around you aspire.

— Tien Wong, CEO, Opus8 Corporation

Tony helped even the most cynical of the group realize what can be accomplished, created alignment within the group, and increased our confidence that change will happen!

— Kelly Cunningham, FTI Corporation

If it’s really ‘not the cards [we’re] dealt but how [we] play ‘em’ that matters, I’m putting my trust in renowned keynote speaker and workshop leader Anthony Silard to help me learn the rules of some rather complex games, this one called ‘life’ in particular.

— Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times bestsellers,
MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Listening to Anthony Silard’s speech … was indeed inspirational and I had quite a few “aha” moments. The power which he manages to transpose to the audience is immense and I loved how many real-life examples he had and numerous quotes or words of wisdom for every question we turned to. What’s even more amazing is how they all seemed to fit perfectly in the context and how broad his inspiration is from every corner of the world’s cultural heritage.

Later on, when I got home and I sat down in silence for a while thinking about all the things I heard that day and I realized even more how much truth it was in those three hours of wisdom he shared with us.

— Liana Nemes, Nokia

Tony did an excellent job of drawing out input from each person…I feel that everyone now has a sense of empowerment to make a big impact on our future…Tony really helped us to organize and prioritize many of the thoughts that we already had regarding our needs as well as drawing some new conclusions. I feel that we are prepared to take a much more focused approach now.

— Kathy Shurtz, Alliente Corporation

I loved the session in Bucharest, Tony was great and succeeded to give us so much insight on leadership as most of us never received before. I guess the fact he is openly speaking about his life and experience makes him much more credible than a host of other speakers who just try to be consultants on this subject, without putting personal feeling and experience into it. Great job, hope to have you back in Romania soon!

— Marius Ghenea, FIT, Bucharest, Romania (Featured in Fortune magazine as one of Romania’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs)

In my job as a vice president/senior relationship manager in the commercial banking group and with the demands in today’s society, it’s extremely difficult to manage the right balance between career goals, income requirements and time for family, friends and myself. The coaching I received from Tony was very helpful in sorting through all these issues and helping me determine how to find the right balance between my work and my life.

— R. McClymmont, Banking Executive

Tony has lots of leadership values that concurred with my own: selfless giving, empathy, passion along with the specifics to make these values work within the organizations….I most liked the specifics, the ‘How to’. I really liked the mind and heart both needed in leadership being stressed….I got lots of answers as well as validation of my own views. I liked how Tony stressed the need for listening, something most people need to do better.

— Kaye Cummings, CEO, The Bonner Family Foundation and Board Member, Fresno Art Museum

I believe that many of us learned a lot more than we anticipated we would. Tony’s workshops fueled conversations that continued through dinners, evening walks on the beach, and late night groups who gathered around wine and intense conversation. We learned new information to take back home, information that will strengthen our organizations and ourselves as the leaders of those organizations. I believe that there was tremendous energy produced by so many intense and passionate people coming together in such a beautiful location…Tony helped us regain our focus and renew our passion and vision!

— Janna Genovese, CEO, Womenspace Unlimited

I really, really want to thank Tony for his coaching sessions. It’s left a profound impact on my thoughts and has me wrestling with some pretty basic issues, such as success vs. happiness….I look at my daughter – she’s basically a very happy person – I used to be like her when I was a kid. I’d always wake up with a smile (literally). I’ve lost that – now I wake up with worry, anger, or tiredness, depending on the events of the last day or week….Thanks to Tony’s coaching, I’m starting to think about things more optimistically, and now can regain some control of my life and reduce the stress and restore balance.

— Ashok Khosla, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, TuVox Corporation, Palo Alto, CA

Tony has a way of being that is authentic and welcoming….His passion and commitment was evident. The approach was powerfully and passionately delivered…The retreat absolutely exceeded my expectations. PASSION and TRUTH are contagious! Tony is an example of a confident, compassionate, gentle person who has made a difference in this world. He is very special and a treasure.

— Sharon Gallagher, Board Member, American Red Cross

Tony did not allow any one person to dominate. He really searched to bring out ideas from each participant….He isn’t afraid to push us outside of our typical approach and boundaries…Tony energized us to run with the ball now so we’re not dependent on an ‘outside expert’…He interjected each session with good, solid anecdotal experiences and great, pithy ‘words of wisdom’ that really get us to think….He was very respectful of time and organized!…It was easy to stay for 3.5-4 hours – they just flew by!

— Peter Blum, Itron Corporation

What I liked most about Tony’s facilitation was that he was very knowledgeable, had excellent tone and body mannerisms that provided a calming force during the process, and struck a good balance of letting us explore certain ideas while still keeping us on schedule….Tony has a very organized, orderly approach that prevents thoughts of “we’re missing something big”.

— Chris Ginieczki, Bank of America

Thank you so much for the Webinar Training you did for the Peak Team last night.  It was inspiring, motivational and filled with useful information.  I took notes like mad, but couldn’t write fast enough. I’ve heard many times that a person will always recognize truth when they hear it, particularly if it is their truth.  You provided so much great “stuff” that everyone on the training must have walked away with something they needed to hear.  I certainly did.

— Joyce Barton, Juice Plus

I think that I have been able to focus on the things that are important to me.  I have never been asked to think of a vision statement before so just the new thought process was a great thing for me.  I was also able to use some of the leadership techniques to open conversation with my family to help them get a better focus on what they want.  We are all just going through the motions I feel without a great vision for the future.  We all have goals but no real plans to get there!

The books have been great!  I plan to use them as a reference when I am feeling rutted again. Thanks for making me think my brain feels less soft!

— Tara Hieb, Healthy Bodies USA

[The Global Leadership Institute’s] conference … regarding leadership in challenging economic times was great and full with vision. It was also a reminder for me that a true leader must lead with heart and for the people in common interest. I learned also about passion and how to transform pain and frustration into action with passion. I am looking forward to meeting Anthony in future seminars and workshops, because he is a true expert in this field.

— Arthur Kallos, CFGermana

It was a great event by all counts and the organizations couldn’t have asked for anything better. We all had a great time working with Tony and it was especially great to have him here in Chennai [Madras]…overall, it was a great experience.

— Chandru Natarajan, General Electric (GE), Madras, India

Anthony is a natural leader who guides us on our most important journey: to rediscover the passion in our lives.

— Jonathan Berkey, professor, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Tony did an excellent job of keeping everyone on task and holding interest throughout—what could have been—a very long day. His facilitation style was relaxed and engaging. He made an effort to connect with the group by sharing pieces of himself and his own history, and by consistently soliciting feedback on activities and agenda items. I appreciated Tony’s sincerity, his flexibility, and his obvious expertise in the topics discussed…His approach to leadership was straightforward, thought provoking, and accessible. The retreat was well organized, and followed a natural progression in looking at leadership from both a personal and professional perspective….I also enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshops, and the many anecdotes that Tony used to bring the material to life.

— Michaela Kelaghan, The Latin American Youth Center

I liked how Tony moved the agenda and made people focus on the tasks at hand, and that he tailored the retreat to our group and needs…His approach enabled us to be more unified…I was skeptical before the retreat but I am now a believer!

— Cuong Do, technology executive, Washington DC

I was given a real lesson of passion and courage during your Bucharest conference: the passion that should be our drive yet it became such a rare thing nowadays when you are forced to re-think your priorities to more basic needs and the courage to face the good and the bad in your life and make the most of it.

Besides the “how to’s” and the insights coming from your experience, I believe that what recommends you as a coach and speaker is your ability to empathize, inspire and encourage people to speak up, make and assume the responsibility for their own choices. Thank you and looking forward to your next visit!

— Roxana Morozan, AquaHR

Anthony Silard inspires us with his own journey and the wisdom of ancient traditions, sharing enlightening exercises and lucid models that amount to a how-to guide for discovering and achieving a life of purpose and balance.

— Klia Bassing, CEO, Visit Yourself at Work

Tony’s sessions were practical, relevant, thought-provoking and clear. I would have enjoyed more time with him.

— Shaheen Mistri, Executive Director, Akanksha, Bombay, India

The conferences were amazing. After attending your presentations I felt more energized and motivated. I think your view of leadership as a way of building relationships toward a common purpose is a good insight for the problems that we are facing here in Romania. Thank you Tony, you did a great job!  Hope to have you back soon in Romania!

— Somesan Doru, Curtea Veche Publishing, Bucharest, Romania


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