Compassionate Communication Coaching

Facebook, Twitter, email, texts… We are in contact with many, yet connected with very few. Are your relationships missing a heart connection? So many of us believe the right things and want to say the right things, and truly want to be empathetic, nurturing and authentic in the way we interact with others, yet are often not as successful as we would like.

Communication is learned not by theory, but practice:

Anthony Silard, leadership guru and author of The Connection: Link Your Passion, Purpose, and Actions to Make a Difference in the World, or one of GLI’s additional trainers/Best Practices Leaders, can help you create this heart connection at home and at work. Anthony or one of our other trainers will first introduce the foundation of Compassionate Communication and then lead you in interactive exercises and “Real Plays.” Not only will you receive communication models and templates that have helped save marriages and patch up friendships, you will also have the chance to practice and internalize these models so they are mentally accessible when tension arises.

GLI’s Compassionate Communication Coaching is based on our Compassionate Communication experiential communication skills model.

Tailor a Compassionate Communication program that best suits your needs.

Most people start like this:

Compassionate Communication Basic Series:

*Six (6) two- hour Compassionate Communication workshops with Anthony Silard (and your work team; or your family members; or your friends; or a loved one) at home or over the phone (12 hours)


*Outside of these sessions, Anthony will prepare exercises specific to your needs and situation (to complete during the six sessions) (12 hours)


24 hours of Personal Coaching in Compassionate Communication – $7500

Contact GLI to tailor your own unique Compassionate Communication Coaching program.


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