Building Highly Motivated Teams for Maximum Results

Manage and Inspire Your Team To Achieve Spectacular Results

A manager has often been compared to a fire hydrant surrounded by a pack of dogs. How do you manage people who often don’t appreciate you for it and usually only become aware of your presence when you do something they consider wrong? This workshop will focus on the following questions:

  • How do you hire, promote and retain the right people?
  • How can you build effective work teams where your employees feel a sense of ownership, pride and responsibility in their work?
  • How can you build a culture of self-initiative and high quality customer service?
  • How can you make your employees feel inspired to work for a company that values them highly?
  • How can you put the right incentives in place to yield maximum productivity?
  • How can you give just the right amount of feedback in order to keep your pulse on an employee’s progress without becoming a micro-manager?
  • How can you set up a reporting structure that is effective and thorough without becoming overly bureaucratic?
  • What management processes can you put into place in your company so your employees feel there is due process and fair treatment rather than favoritism?
  • How can you deal in a level, stable way with everyone, even the people you don’t like very much?
  • How can you lead with your values rather than your emotions?

GLI will examine all of these questions and offer dozens of time-tested tools that will enable you to manage people toward spectacular results.

Workshop Impact

This leadership workshop will have a tremendous positive impact on:

  • The productivity and profitability of your company
  • The capacity of your company to attract investors and customers
  • The passion, commitment and effectiveness of your employees

Some specific results that you can expect to see are:

  1. Less turnover among managers who can more effectively manage employees, including ‘problem employees’
  2. Increased loyalty and less turnover as employees feel more ‘heard’ by managers who have improved empathic listening skills
  3. Higher quality customer service
  4. Increased sense of teamwork and capacity to deliver results
  5. Streamlined reporting structure that significantly reduces costs
  6. Increased sense of fairness, equity and good treatment by managers among employees, resulting in increased loyalty and commitment to the company
  7. Improved communication between departments and between managers and employees that makes your company an excellent and enjoyable place to work

Contact GLI to learn how we can customize this and other Leadership Workshops for your company.


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