Compassionate Communication for Teams

Build the Necessary Relationships to Lead Your Team Through Highly Developed Communication Skills

Our primary definition of leadership is ‘Leadership is the capacity to develop and sustain multiple key relationships toward a common purpose.’ How do leaders communicate with others? What sets them aside from the average communicator? In this workshop, you will learn our time-tested strategies for Compassionate Communication that have been practiced and refined by thousands of executives around the world. You will learn how to refine your skills as a compassionate leader who makes others feel appreciated and respected, and also drives the initiative forward toward tremendous results. You will learn how to detect the ’emotional receptor’ on your team and interact with them to keep your pulse on the common emotions your team members are experiencing.

You will also learn how to speak with a voice of authenticity, passion and conviction that inspires others. You will learn how to convey what you have to say within the context of what other people understand so every word counts. Finally, you will learn how to hold your anxiety when others disagree with you, build synergy whenever possible, and use Compassionate Communication to move the company toward its mission and long-term goals. (Upon request, this workshop can include videotaped “Real Plays” of your communication style for group feedback.)

Compassionate Communication Workshops use GLI’s Compassionate Communication methodology

GLI’s experiential and engaging communication workshops have proven to be an invaluable tool for professionals, students and people with real communication challenges. Our participants keep coming back and leave wonderful Testimonials about this program!

Contact GLI to learn how we can customize this and other Leadership Workshops for your company.


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