From Face-to-Face to Facebook

Reap the Benefits of Returning Your Life from Facebook to Face-to-Face

Why are we constantly on our CrackBerry? First of all, it makes us feel important and needed. Second we get a “dopamine squirt” – like an adrenaline rush – when we receive messages. In whatever form you are taking your self-medication – laptop, cell-phone, iPad or smart-phone – receiving even short messages from others literally has some of the same qualities of a drug: it makes you feel better temporarily and creates existential angst and loss of meaning later.

In this new workshop ripe for our digital age, GLI will share the Myth of the Internet and Social Media with you. We will examine the overwhelming appeal of digital addiction and why it has claimed so many of us in such a historically short time. GLI will then help you and/or your team members to design some new strategies to cope with your check-email-until-you-drop tendencies and reclaim what has been lost amidst all the time you spend online: Yourself. Your emotional connections with others.

GLI will also help you and/or your team to create new (offline) processes of interaction that foster real-life connection and team unity.

Read GLI President Anthony Silard’s article, From Face-to-Face to Facebook.

Workshop Impact

This leadership workshop will have a tremendous positive impact on:

  • The productivity and profitability of your company
  • The spirit, motivation and unity of your team
  • The passion, commitment and effectiveness of your employees

Some specific results that you can expect to see are:

  1. Increased emotional well-being among your managers and employees
  2. Greater team cohesion and morale as your team members increase their comfort with stepping away from their computers and developing their interpersonal relationships
  3. Increased productivity and results-orientation of your team through less time wasted on non-work-related online distractions and an enhanced capacity to focus on mission-driven tasks and responsibilities
  4. An enhanced capacity of your team for innovation as they spend less time online and more time thinking ‘out of the box’ to develop and refine products and services for your company
  5. More honesty and authenticity among managers and employees, yielding improved work communication, more teamwork and better results
  6. Improved internal communication between and within departments
  7. More patience among managers and improved managerial capacity and emotional resilience to handle ‘difficult employees’
  8. Many more employees who connect with the passion of the leader and are willing to work hard toward a mission they easily understand and believe in
  9. Managers and employees who ‘bounce back’ from challenges more quickly and maintain their focus on the corporate mission and goals

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