Nine Strategies of Effective Time Management

Let Your Priorities Determine Your Tasks, Not the Other Way Around

If you want to go to the movies, you drive to the theater and park. You don’t drive somewhere else, park, and then try to find the movie theater. If you do, you may never get there. How can you keep the main thing the main thing? Do you often take work home with you in the evenings and on weekends because you can’t finish it at the office? Do you often feel like you’re having trouble making time for what’s most important to you because you spend all of your time reacting to what’s urgent?

GLI will address all of these questions in this cutting-edge workshop on the latest developments in time management. Yogi Berra once said, “If you keep doin’ what you been doin’, you’ll keep gettin’ what you been gettin’.” You will not only leave this workshop with new time management strategies to move forward with – you will also unlearn and purge old strategies that have been cluttering up your schedule and moving you in the wrong direction.

Workshop Impact

This leadership workshop will have a tremendous positive impact on:

  • The productivity and profitability of your company
  • The capacity of your company to attract investors and customers
  • The passion, commitment and effectiveness of your employees

Some specific results that you can expect to see are:

  1. A focused, directed workforce guided by a disciplined corporate culture where your company’s most important priorities determine the everyday tasks, not the other way around
  2. Employees and managers who are less stressed and are leading more balanced lives without sacrificing revenue and product/service delivery goals
  3. An enhanced corporate culture of self-management, self-initiative and entrepreneurial innovation
  4. Reduced managerial supervision of employees, who have become more self-managing
  5. Employees who work more efficiently, are more productive and deliver more results in less time
  6. More committed, loyal employees who enjoy their work more because they feel they can more efficiently achieve their goals
  7. Less ‘relaxing on the job’ and more self-confidence among employees as they feel more committed and capable of achieving their goals

Contact GLI to learn how we can customize this and other Leadership Workshops for your company.


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