The Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Integrate the Key Character Qualities Necessary to Become an Effective Leader into Your Personal Leadership Style

In this workshop we will address the question ‘What are the characteristics of an effective leader?’ You will think about people (both alive and no longer living) whom you consider to be leaders, and the qualities of their character that cause others to relate to them as leaders. GLI will share the results of its 18+ years of research into what characterizes effective leadership, including its review of surveys of tens of thousands of employees around the world who have been asked what they look for in their leaders.

GLI will also share its Three Spheres of Effective Leadership – a holistic leadership model that distills the three most important leadership qualities and how you can leverage their interactive nature and exercise them daily to become an effective leader.

Workshop Impact

This leadership workshop will have a tremendous positive impact on:

  • The productivity and profitability of your company
  • The capacity of your company to attract investors and customers
  • The passion, commitment and effectiveness of your employees

Some specific results that you can expect to see are:

  1. More honesty and authenticity among managers and employees, yielding improved work communication, more teamwork and better results
  2. An enhanced action-oriented, ‘can-do’ culture where employees believe in their capacity to innovate, make things happen and bring in tremendous results for the company
  3. A corporate culture of continuous quality improvement and organizational learning that facilitates product and service delivery breakthroughs, continuous innovation and high-level customer service
  4. Improved internal communication between and within departments
  5. Employees with a stronger connection to the corporate mission willing to work harder without supervision
  6. More patience among managers and improved managerial capacity to handle ‘difficult employees’
  7. Many more employees who connect with the passion of the leader and are willing to work hard toward a mission they easily understand and believe in
  8. A higher level of trust, accountability and honest reporting throughout the company; More employees meet work deadlines and honor their commitments to managers and vice-versa
  9. Managers and employees who are more resilient, ‘bounce back’ from challenges more quickly and maintain their focus on the corporate mission and goals

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