The Ultimate Leadership Test: Building the Sustainable Company

Cultivate Other Leaders With the Capacity to Sustain Your Company’s Future Growth

(includes Succession Planning)

Do you know what the ‘Truck Factor’ of an organization is? It’s the number of people a truck would have to run over to take your company under. If the answer to this question for your company is ‘one’, then you should definitely sign up for this workshop. What will be the impact of your life on the community(ies) you’re serving? Are you a genius with a thousand helpers or an empowering leader who makes others feel like leaders? The latter approach is the only way to create a ‘second line of leadership’ or leadership team that will outlast you.

Do you want the impact of your leadership – e.g. the long-term effects on your clients and the people benefiting from your company’s products and services – to go beyond your actual involvement? Do you want to be remembered as a front-stage star, with everyone going home once you exit the stage – or a back-stage architect who designs a sustainable business model that far outlives your involvement? If you want to rise to the ultimate test of leadership, you have to be prepared for this workshop to challenge many of your views about power and leadership.

In a workshop that cuts to the core of leadership, you will learn how to focus less on being charismatic and more on being systematic in order to build a company from the ground up that will sustain itself without your direct involvement. This workshop will help you locate the keys to your own prison – as you will be able to start choosing to lead your company because you want to rather than because you need to in order to keep it afloat.

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